CFP: Climate, Food & Famine in History

Call for papers (please circulate). We are delighted to announce that we are now open to submissions for the upcoming workshop Climate, Food, and Famine in History. This will be held on April 14, 2023 at Manchester’s Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, sponsored by the International Union for History and PhilosophyContinue reading “CFP: Climate, Food & Famine in History”

Collaboration in the Humanities

As I make clear in my upcoming publication in Spontaneous Generations, I strongly believe that science education can take a lot of lessons from the humanities, especially when it comes to allowing students to express themselves as free thinking and politically active individuals. However, this goes two ways. I had the pleasure of writing myContinue reading “Collaboration in the Humanities”

Call for Papers: Past, Present, and Future of the History of Meteorology

As part of the International Commission for the History of Meteorology’s 20th anniversary celebrations this year, I am organising a conference on the Past, Present, and Future of the History of Meteorology, online on 15th Sept 2021. The Call for Papers can be found at: The deadline for abstracts of 250 words is July 15,Continue reading “Call for Papers: Past, Present, and Future of the History of Meteorology”

The Climate Disciples?

This image is from the front page of Rockefeller Foundation publication RF Illustrated from August 1974. When I first saw it, I could feel a certain power emanating from the computer screen. Only recently did I put my finger on it. With thirteen individuals looking mostly towards the centre, this is clearly reminiscent of Jesus’sContinue reading “The Climate Disciples?”

A Voice of my Own

What is ‘the sociological history of climate change’? How did you learn about climate change? Did you delve into the scientific literature and come up with a detached conclusion? No-one does this. Concern over climate change lives within our society. My parents told me about how humans were destroying the planet. My teachers told meContinue reading “A Voice of my Own”