Robert Naylor

Lecturer at Manchester’s Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

RA at Copenhagen’s Department of Science Education

Assistant Editor of the journal Physics in Perspective

European Representative for the International Commission for the History of Meteorology

Latest Updates

Collaboration in the Humanities

As I make clear in my upcoming publication in Spontaneous Generations, I strongly believe that science education can take a lot of lessons from the humanities, especially when it comes to allowing students to express themselves as free thinking and politically active individuals. However, this goes two ways. I had the pleasure of writing myContinue reading “Collaboration in the Humanities”

First Publication

Very happy to announce my first peer-reviewed paper on climatologist Reid Bryson. Read on to find out about climate and crisis in the 1970s. This paper is an offshoot of my masters project that started in late 2018, so has been a long time coming. It feels so great to finally have an academic voiceContinue reading “First Publication”

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